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Welcome to World of the Gimmies. The Gimmies crew are on an endless adventure, looking for that perfect wave, endless rail and untouched pow. All the while seeking friends in some of the unlikeliest places. Adventure awaits them and they strive to find it at any turn. Keep tuned for more adventures! Go Gimmies or Go Home!

This story goes out to the kids who for the first time stepped on a board and fell in love while falling down. They realized that the pain, scratches, bruises and broken bones are all a small price to pay. The years of travelling, stories, close calls, crashes and shredding everything near and far with some of your closest bros will always live with you as some of the best days of your life. This story is for the kid who can appreciate a long forgotten man-made drainage or a rain rutted downhill dirt trail as a way to have fun. You look at the world differently and for that we salute you. Keep shredding...

See our growing group of "Real" Gimmies!

A firecracker spirit, who is bright but also moody. Snap judgments a specialty. Mobe prefers action over words yet has an over-the-top southern accent when she does speak, e.g. actually says “Y’all.” Casually eats bugs flying by w/ a flick of her tongue, even in the middle of conversation or important duties.

Oh boy, where do we start?! Huck is your typical pre-teen coyote, half energy drink and half...baked ideas. He has boundless energy, screaming ADD, a big imagination and a limitless appetite for distraction, destruction and creativity, both on and off his bike. He might not travel in a straight line but if this coyote sets his mind to something it’ll probably happen.

Dark. Silent. Mysterious. Steeze is a kind of po-mo version of a medieval knight but his only allegiance is to the Gimmies and he answers to no one, not even Uncle G. Unlike many of the other hyperactive Gimmies, Steeze gives the impression of being older, wiser and yet he never ever speaks. Body language is everything with him: read it wrong and you’ll wish you didn’t. Some might call him “devilishly handsome” yet seeing as his helmet and goggles stay on even when he’s eating BBQ, submerged in sewage, or sleeping, nobody really knows. Half the Gimmies think Steeze hates them; the other half just really hope he doesn’t.

Affable and helpful, Uncle G has grown up in the great outdoors and seen firsthand what untrammeled development and greed can do. He was born high up on a volcano, Mauna Manna Moke, and his family lost their home when condos overran mountainside and chased him to the mainland. The development’s fancy harbor also ruined his favorite surf break and he took this very personally.

Ollie is almost a double personality. He’s patient but not scared to try something new. He has excellent manners; a kind, thoughtful (though fleshless) human being, looking out for others while skating everything in sight. Usually his aggressiveness comes out at the right moment (and some times at the wrong moment also).

This haole bro-dent hangs very, very loose. Nothing bothers Wedge that much -- as long as the waves are pumping and the wind’s offshore. The only time he really gets his tail in a knot is when someone threatens his first love: the beach. All Gimmies are obsessed with their sport of choice, yet whenever Wedge is out of the water for too long, he exhibits the signs of a true addict: shakes, wild eyes, uncontrolled scratching, quick temper etc. Eating ranks a close second for Wedge, hobby-wise, and his boundless appetite often slows the Gimmies down. As he always says, “Gimmies gotta grind!” (If you enjoyed watching Fred Flintstone decimate corn on the cob, you’ll love watching Wedge lay waste to longboard burritos, fresh coconuts or giant “kooky késadillas” the diameter of a NY pizza.)

Can you say Napoleon Complex? Switch is the smallest Gimmie of the lot so he half expects the short end of the stick in most situations. But the one thing this freestyle phenom never comes up short on is sticking his landings: Huge cliffs, halfpipes, 100 ft. kickers and urban handrail assaults are all handled on the daily. Never really considered a true talent, Switch had to prove himself so he decided to ride backwards from the start. Name a trick and he can do it -- switch.

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