Both “Uncle” and “Cuz” are terms of endearment in native Hawaiian culture and Uncle G is very much from this tradition -- even if he’s a Sasquatch. The “G” comes from both “Gimmies,” since he is the hub to this crazy wheel, and “G” as it’s used in hip-hop/street culture (e.g. “O.G.,” “He’s the G,” or “Lend me a G, yo!”)

Affable and helpful, Uncle G has grown up in the great outdoors and seen firsthand what untrammeled development and greed can do. He was born high up on a volcano, Mauna Manna Moke, and his family lost their home when condos overran mountainside and chased him to the mainland. The development’s fancy harbor also ruined his favorite surf break and he took this very personally.

Uncle G is like the Batman of The Gimmies, creating the technologies that give the kids an advantage over evil. With lairs all around Session County -- incl. one in an abandoned subway, one in the desert near Givr’side, and a super lab, the “K’Den” under the dam -- Uncle G gives the Gimmies the help they need to help themselves. Note: He is NOT the hero but he sets the kids up to be heroes almost every episode. He is also a great adult role model here because he operates without ego, always gets the job done and, unlike a lot of them a lot of the time, he thinks about other people first. In the long run, he shows that strength without wisdom and <cough> love is useless. If he was southern, he’d be a classic good ol’ boy. But he’s not, K?

The G-Ride: a multi-sport, BBQing, 4x4 machine that has racks for every bit of gear imaginable. Can be modified to suit different situations, i.e. tracks replace tires in the mountains; full amphibious capabilities etc. The “G-Ride” also has fun mods such as a wall ride, ramps, a slingshot winch and a battleship slider bar on the roof. When the stress is on and the kids are having a hard time articulating a plan, Uncle G will suggest an Expression Session to loosen up (offering an excellent opportunity for animators to capture dynamic POV action, new tricks etc. every episode). The G-Ride has only two stickers: a die-cut of his home islands and, “Yeti Would Go,” an inside joke every surfer in the audience will appreciate.

Uncle G is the only adult in the group and the sole Gimmies member with no set ‘hood. Most of the time he brings his house with him (the G-Ride) and is ready to go at a moment’s notice. This is in contrast to some of the more scattered Gimmies like, say, Huck and Wedge who are never ready. Uncle G constantly accuses them of “being on Hawaiian Time” -- and of wasting his.

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