Short form of “Switch-stance” i.e. riding your board backwards but making it look normal. (A key technical skill to acquire in legit freestyle circles.)

Can you say Napoleon Complex? Switch is the smallest Gimmie of the lot so he half expects the short end of the stick in most situations. But the one thing this freestyle phenom never comes up short on is sticking his landings: Huge cliffs, halfpipes, 100 ft. kickers and urban handrail assaults are all handled on the daily. Never really considered a true talent, Switch had to prove himself so he decided to ride backwards from the start. Name a trick and he can do it -- switch.

Mountaineering expert. Occasional chef. Language expert. Accessing very small spaces. His ears act as a second set of hands.

His snowboard, mainly, but he also rolls a beat-up, rusty, 4x4 wagon (part Subaru/part monster truck/part stickers) and a high-tech split-board that breaks into skis for x-country travel. “Borrows” a souped-up snowmobile sometimes, too, but he’s really not supposed to.

The massive Behemoth Mountains that run North/South like a spine separating East Session County from West. They hold snow year-round, esp. on the many glaciers, and Switch lives in the most elaborate “snow cave” you’ve ever seen: electricity; big screen TVs and video games; Icy E-Z chairs for
everyone; jibs and jumps in every room; and a perfect slope so you can move through the house w/o ever taking your board off. When other Gimmies come to visit, they’re just way too cold to enjoy the many amenities. They turn blue (like him) but he never notices...

Read more about Switch in our oversized, 40 page comic book. Contact us to inquire about getting your hands on a copy.



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