Ollies are the foundational trick for modern freestyle skateboarding. The skater transfers weight from the front to the back foot to snap the board up off the ground w/o needing hands or a jump, using only kinetic energy.

Ollie is almost a double personality. He’s patient but not scared to try something new. He has excellent manners; a kind, thoughtful (though fleshless) human being, looking out for others while skating everything in sight. Usually his aggressiveness comes out at the right moment (and some times at the wrong moment also).

Ollie wasn’t always the boney bro he is today. His background is a little foggy since he really doesn’t know how he ended up as a skeleton. His dreams are filled with him running around as a normal kid, all flesh and bone. But just as some dreams can turn to nightmares, he recollects snippets of a situation gone wrong that changed him from a fun-loving teenage boy to a boney skeleton kid. It’s a blurry memory and he vows to one day find out what really happened to him that one fateful day. His unlikely friend Steeze found him dumped in the desert. Steeze was able to bring him back to life and ever since they formed a brotherhood for which Ollie is forever grateful. While out skating one day he ran across Huck and the three formed the original core of The Gimmies. Together, as a pseudo family would, they vowed to help Ollie to be normal again some day.

Downtown Session City -- a vile, gray concrete mass to most, but a skater’s paradise for Ollie. It’s a cross between Portland’s skate park under the Burnside Bridge and the kind of dreamscape teen skaters draw when bored in class: bridges, tubes, walls, handrails and wedges. “Lines” everywhere. He knows every crack in every sidewalk and has lines from each Point A to each Point B in the city that allow him maximum air and/or grind time (viz. Guerrero’s street part in Animal Chin). From concrete full pipes to chunky loading docks, Ollie skates it all with style.

Read more about Ollie in our oversized, 40 page comic book. Contact us to inquire about getting your hands on a copy.



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