The Wedge is a real, worldclass break in Newport Beach, Calif. known for its thick lip, lightning fast drop-ins and punishing wipeouts. The break is also famously flanked by oil rigs so nasty gunk stuck between your toes after a surf sesh there is pretty much a <cough> gimmie. “Wedge” straddles these two worlds of pure water and manmade pollution.

This haole bro-dent hangs very, very loose. Nothing bothers Wedge that much -- as long as the waves are pumping and the wind’s offshore. The only time he really gets his tail in a knot is when someone threatens his first love: the beach. All Gimmies are obsessed with their sport of choice, yet whenever Wedge is out of the water for too long, he exhibits the signs of a true addict: shakes, wild eyes, uncontrolled scratching, quick temper etc. Eating ranks a close second for Wedge, hobby-wise, and his boundless appetite often slows the Gimmies down. As he always says, “Gimmies gotta grind!” (If you enjoyed watching Fred Flintstone decimate corn on the cob, you’ll love watching Wedge lay waste to longboard burritos, fresh coconuts or giant “kooky késadillas” the diameter of a NY pizza.)

Access expert: Wedge can gain entry into any building, vehicle or public space and let the others in. Climbs walls, swims, sometimes scares people if they’re not used to rats.

Surfboard. Often seen “shooting the pier” which explain some of his scars.

Welcome to Lotusland: Wedge was born and raised in K-12, ground zero for Session County surf culture since the ‘50s. Almost everybody he knows is a surf rat to the core. His extended family lives under the Poco Pier in a huge, multilevel super-nest that has been cleverly hollowed out of the dark, creaky timbers. It holds dozens of surfboards, has hammocks for everyone, and boasts multiple TVs that play (*live action) surf movies 24/7. The rest of K-12 is a boardwalk of bikini palapas, swank sushi joints and the most smoothie shops per capita in the USA. Rats, roaches, and wealthy humans wear flip-flops year round and, like Wedge, many don’t even own shirts.

Read more about Wedge in our oversized, 40 page comic book. Contact us to inquire about getting your hands on a copy.



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